Nov 23, 2017
Learn How to Maintain a Healthy Heart Naturally

Globally speaking, until 2020 the majority of researchers estimate that health issues related to the cardiovascular system will represent the leading cause of mortality, while infectious diseases will fall on the second place. To prevent these diseases from developing within our systems, health experts strongly recommend making some changes in what our eating habits are concerned.

This means taking care of what we choose to ingest and leave aside those tempting, yet unhealthy foods. Therefore, in the following lines, you will learn about some of the healthiest foods which are thought to maintain a proper functioning of the heart, this precious engine of the human body.

Avocado for good cholesterol

You may have already heard about this avocado, but did you know that this fruit has many, many benefits for your cardiovascular system? It seems that by including avocado into your eating habits, like adding a little of it in your sandwich or spinach salad, you can significantly assure the recommended intake of healthy fats.

Also, thanks to the monosaturated fats’ content, avocado can really help decrease the bad cholesterol and increase the good one. Most nutritionists firmly agree on the fact that avocado can take part in the carotenoids’ absorption, especially of beta-carotene and lycopene, which are essential for a well-functioning heart.

Fat fish for a healthy heart? Yes, please!

Literally filled with omega 3 fatty acids, salmon can significantly reduce the level of your blood pressure and can successfully take part in the blood’s coagulation. Have it twice a week and you will decrease with a third the mortality risks determined by heart failures.

Doctor Stephen T. Sinatra, the author of many medicinal studies, also including some focusing on the issues occurring with the cardiovascular system, firmly believes that salmon is a very powerful antioxidant, as it contains astaxanthin carotenoid. Although it is considered to be a healthy fish, you should, however, do your best in choosing the wild salmon, and not that found in some fisheries, which can bring along insecticides, pesticides or heavy metals.

For those of you not very fond of salmon, nutritionists also recommend other fat fishes be included into eating habits, as powerful participants in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, such as mackerel, tuna, herring, sardines. No matter what your choice will be, you do not need to worry because the effects will be the same.


The high content of alpha-linolenic acid is the main reason due to which this old plant which these seeds come from, flax that is, is considered to be a modern miraculous food. The acid earlier mentioned is a type of organism which omega three fatty acids come from, and it is quite similar to those found in ocean fishes.

There have been several studies carried out, and all of them were able to get to a common conclusion: flaxseeds are a miracle in what maintaining a healthy heart is concerned. This has to do with the fact that these can significantly take part in working on your cholesterol levels, regarding reducing the bad cholesterol. Other remarkable effects of flaxseeds have to do with decreasing triglycerides within the blood and reducing the blood pressure. Add some flaxseeds into your breakfast cereals or in your salads, and you will not regret it.

Soy – the perfect source of proteins for your heart

Several types of research have shown that soya can substantially take part in decreasing the cholesterol levels and, thanks to the low content of saturated fats, it represents an excellent source of proteins for those of you dealing with heart issues.

Turn to natural soy sources, such as edamame, which is the green soya. Also, soya milk can very well represent a great alternative, and you can have it with cereals in the morning. However, try to keep an eye on the salt content because certainly processed assortments can contain sodium and this can increase the level of your blood pressure.

Let Greeks take care of your heart with olive oil

Filled with monosaturated fats, olive oil can decrease your cholesterol, and it significantly reduces the risks of heart disease developing. Several studies have been carried out regarding how cardiovascular disease all around the Earth is affecting people’s lives.

Results revealed that although many men from Crete, Greece, are highly exposed to dealing with an increased cholesterol, very few of them die from heart failures because their diets are mainly focused on good fats which can be found in olive oil. Experts strongly recommend turning to extra virgin olive oil assortments because these are the less processed. Also, you should replace the butter in your cooking habits with olive oil.


Experts say that spinach can help you maintain your heart’s health thanks to the high content in lutein and fibers. You may already know that generally speaking green vegetables are strongly recommended for a healthy heart, and so spinach is one of them.

A recent study was carried out, and it focused, for a whole year, on 15.000 individuals who were not dealing with cardiovascular diseases. It seems that those who have eaten more than two and a half portions of veggies per day have brought forward a 25% lower risk of heart issues, in comparison to those who did not. Experts say that each new portion of vegetables reduces heart failures’ risks with an additional 17%.