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Nov 16, 2017
Anti Aging Tips and Tricks Every Women Should Know

I’ve gathered some tips and tricks you can appeal to in order not to speed up the aging process:

1. Always clear your skin

Try not using foundation every day if it is not necessary. Use a light foundation and fix it with a transparent powder. Looks much better than normal foundation and the skin impurities are less visible.

2. Protect yourself against the sun

Anyone who wishes to have a wrinkle-free skin should keep in mind the fact that the exposure for a long time in the sunlight can cause harm to the skin. Use a cream for protection so that you don’t have to worry about wrinkles. [1]

3. Gray hair makes you look old

If you are young and decide to make your hair gray because you see that the color is fashionable, think twice because the gray color makes you look old. If your hair has gone gray naturally but you still not want to dye it, consider using a hat in the summer or apply some protective spray for hair.

4. Anti-aging makeup

Too dark, too light, too orange: the wrong makeup tone makes you look old. A very bad combination is, for example, a brown face and a white neck. A professional visit at the beauty salon is also worthwhile as many companies now offer more than just three makeup nuances, which can perfectly match your skin tone. If you have found the perfect color to match your skin, do not apply it with your fingers but with a blender. This creates a completely natural and young look.

5. Drink water

Many women forget to drink at least two liters of water (about 10 glasses) over the day. Cola and Smoothies do not count. Why is water so important? The human body consists mostly of water. If you drink water a lot, it will keep the skin clear and it will maintain its elasticity. Signs that you drink too little water are headaches, fatigue, mouth odor and yellow urine.

6. The perfect eyebrows

The eyebrows should not be thinned too much or the natural shape will change too much. Remove only the wild growing hairs with tweezers and shape your eyebrows with a special gel.

7. Haircare

Once a week you should treat your hair and your scalp with a special anti-aging treatment: the so-called “cleansing shampoos” liberate the hair from dirt and other things that settled on him.

8. Fitness

Sport reduces stress and provides relaxation. Just because you are a woman it does not mean that you should only be doing fat burning exercises or Yoga, but also complete your training with weights.

9. Sleep well

Seven to eight hours of beauty sleep is needed in order to regenerate the physical and mental powers. If you don’t have enough sleep, you will have to make up for it with balanced meals. Sleeping well does not only relieve stress but also keeps you in shape.

10. Diet

The diet contributes to what our appearance looks like. If you have in mind the fact that you want to fight the aging process, you should think about having a diet plan. As you heard before, a healthy nutrition is a must. Fast food, lots of fats and lots of sugar make you gain weight and this will show pretty soon.

Think about the consequences of an unhealthy diet. So eat lots of vegetables and fruits, whole grain products, lean meats, and fish. Of course, you can treat yourself with chocolate from time to time, but a healthy diet is the key to physical fitness.

11. Mimicry

Smile! Optimists seem younger – according to a study by the University of Michigan. However, for a good mood, there is no cream or spray – the rays must come from the inside. Of course, this does not always work at a push of the button. Regular exercise in the fresh air, adequate sleep and meditation can help you to relax.

12. Anti-aging for the feet

A monthly pedicure followed by a massage is not only beneficial but also prevents the growth of the nails. In the summer try the most beautiful nail polish color from red to pink and in the winter give your feet a break so they can recover for the next season.

13. Anti-aging hairstyle

If you are young, try and maintain a natural look of your hair. When you will look through your photos which were taken when you were young you don’t want to see a gray color of your hair and compare it to your natural gray colored hair.

14. Anti-aging for the look

Curled up eyelashes give you a youthful charisma. A layer of mascara can additionally reinforce the effect.

15. Anti-aging styling

Dark hair and dark makeup? Definitely not! Warm, neutral colors make the eyes radiate and give you a younger look. If you are not a professional makeup artist you can search online for tutorials from which you will learn how to keep a natural aspect if you, however, want to use makeup.

To conclude with, there are a lot of tips and tricks that will keep the aging effects away, but you only need to know where to look. Why go with a dark look when a natural one is more appealing and charismatic? Good luck experimenting until you find a combination of hairstyle and makeup that you enjoy. And don’t forget to protect yourself from sun radiations.