Oct 30, 2017
Cannabis’ Impact on Women vs. Men

From the very first beginning of this world, we are living in, the differences between men and females were quite obvious. It is not only a matter of social status, or the way a man and a woman are perceived in certain working environments, it is all about the way the body itself functions.

Women’s bodies seem to be more sensitive to certain exterior factors which can impact in some way or another. Just think about the menstruation women have to deal with each month. In those days of the month, hormones just seem to go nuts, and a whole range of changes that take place within the female body and also in what behavior is concerned are something nobody can deny.

Men, on the other hand, seem to be more relaxed and they always have the tendency not to focus too much on details, as women do. For instance, a man will never blame a woman for not bringing him flowers, or, to mention a more masculine aspect, a cigar or a bottle of whiskey, as a gift, no matter if it’s an ordinary day or not.
All these differences, either psychological or physical, could be considered the root of all the various reactions that the female and the male body has to cannabis. Each human being, either male or female, has a particular functioning system and specific reactions to it, but specialists have figured out that there may be some distinct matters worth to be mentioned regarding female and male reactions to marijuana consumption.

How does cannabis work within the body?

A fascinating aspect revealed by researchers through their numerous scientific studies carried out up until this moment is related to how our bodies were basically “built” with an individual system which accepts marijuana’s compounds’ effects. In other words, the human body possesses an endocannabinoid system that has several cannabinoid receptors. Once the cannabis enter the system, such receptors are stimulated into creating certain reactions. These reactions are the base for working towards maintaining or even regaining the healthy balance that the body needs in order to function properly.

There are several areas which cannabis can significantly work on, such as inflammatory processes, muscular tension, imbalanced blood pressure and so on and so forth. All these are strongly backed up by science, as researchers are still working on discovering more information regarding this plant’s potential, as it is considered to be ”a great miracle of nature”.

Men can react differently to it

Several studies have shown how different the male body responds to it in comparison to the female one. Of course, there is still need for much more data regarding this matter, but it is important to have a look at them, as they can greatly guide us in our journey with cannabis consumption.

It is believed that, because women are more exposed to suffering from mental imbalances, as medical surveys show, it is quite probable that by administering cannabis to the body, the effects will be more intense. It has been proved that marijuana, with its CBD and THC contents, can significantly work on supporting the brain to regain its healthy functioning activity, by normalizing the way information is transferred from one neuron to the other. As men are more balanced in this respect, cannabis might not provide the same intense effects, only the usual known ones, such as “high” sensations or more energy. For a broken mind such effects are relieving and felt more intense.

Smoke away your stress with weed

Stress is something that can affect us all, no matter if you are a man or a woman. However, the effects of stress can be significantly different for females than for men. Surveys show that women are most likely to suffer from depression, as a result of long stressful periods of time and not treated accordingly, this can lead to other more complicated conditions, such as anxiety disorders.

Men seem to have a better control on stress, as their system is less exposed to suffer from psychological imbalances. This is why, administering cannabis for stress relief can bring along different feelings, sensations. It is not like there are not cases where men get to suffer from stress and all that it can bring along, it is just a matter of different ways in which males and females get affected by it.

That is why a stressed woman might feel intense effects of cannabis, while men, not dealing with such strong stressful impacts on his nervous system, might get to experience less powerful reactions to it. Of course, as we are all different, this could not be necessarily a case of different female to male responses. But still, a drop of truth is still in there, somewhere.
Cannabis and aging

Another critical aspect to be beard in mind has to do with the fact that also age in female and male reactions to “weed” plays a significant role. It is well known that as men age, they lose significant testosterone amounts being produced by the body and so this leads to imbalances within the body. For women, the same happens, but scientists say that they can better cope with all the changes, as they seem to be more willing into actually doing something towards improving this situation.

Therefore, administering cannabis at over 60 years old male individuals might bring significant and intense effects. The same is valid for women, who are exposed to the same health risks as men are. This means that after a certain age, there are high chances to get more intensity in the reaction to cannabis.