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Oct 23, 2017
Would You Give a Pregnant Woman Hemp Oil?

Many of you most probably have already heard nutritionists recommend hemp oil as part of a healthy diet. Also, several surveys reveal what a controversy is surrounding this subject, as there are still people not making the clear difference between the drug and the healthy and beneficial usage that marijuana can have on the human body.

The minerals contained in hemp oil are numerous, such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron or calcium. Hemp oil lists, as well, remarkable antioxidant “soldiers” through the high amount of vitamin E. Moreover, hemp oil represent the perfect source of the ideal rate between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that our bodies so desperately need to function normally. These acids have a lot to say in regards to the healthy brain’s, and cognitive functions’ development. Therefore, it is needless to say how useful and helpful hemp oil products can be in the healthy and safe development and growth of the human body’s functions.

An interesting approach was made public in the last few years, and it deals with the fact that studies have proven that hemp oil can represent a genuine health ally for pregnant women. Of course that this statement has had many controversial opinions since there are still people who are a little doubtful when it comes to using any product consisting of an ingredient related to the cannabis plant.

Can hemp oil be used for preventing stretch marks by pregnant women?

Several studies have revealed that the essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 contained in hemp oil play a major role in properly hydrating a dried skin, but also in relieving certain skin affections, like eczemas, psoriasis, by providing irradiance and optimal hydration for the skin.

Body lotions containing hemp oil represent the best choice that a future mommy can make if she truly wants to keep a healthy and optimally hydrated skin. It is very common for pregnant women to feel how their skin gets drier and drier, once the belly starts to get bigger. Due to the high content of essential fatty acids, products based on hemp oil are mandatory for any carrying mother to be.

Moreover, hemp oil brings forward linoleic acid, which is really important for providing the so needed comfort of your skin. By turning to hemp oil products, you will definitely do yourself a big favor, you future mommy, because you will calm and recondition your derma, by providing elasticity and by maintaining enough water within tissues.

Can hemp oil somehow negatively influence breastfeeding?

It is a known fact, or at least it should be a known fact, that hemp oil is really a health fountain and everybody should have at least one spoon of it each day. The Gamma linoleic acid contained in hemp oil is essential for maintaining a healthy hormonal rate because it prevents and it also cures not only the premenstrual syndrome but also symptoms brought along by menopause. [1]

As far as pregnant women are concerned, hemp oil should represent one of the main ingredients within their daily eating habits. Researchers have many times talked about the fact that omega 3 fatty acids, within a pregnant woman’s body, is a critical aspect which the future baby’s development is highly dependent on. Among the numerous benefits that hemp oil can have with pregnant women the following should be mentioned: it prevents pre-birth depression, and it profoundly decreases the risk of having a premature birth; after birth, hemp oil can significantly support the little one, in terms of gaining healthy weight, growing in length and the head’s girth. In addition to all these, hemp oil is strongly recommended to be included into babies’ diets, once they are allowed to start eating more diverse foods because this substance can significantly take part in the healthy and normal development of the brain.

Can hemp oil be administered to children?

Health experts strongly recommend hemp oil to be included into little kids’ daily diet. Studies revealed that what mother eats and the necessary input of vitamins and minerals during pregnancy and also after it could positively influence a healthy and safe birth.

During pregnancy, the baby to get all his nutritious substances from the mother’s body, and hemp oil is the only vegetal oil consisting of the ideal rate between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These have a significant role in the development of a healthy structure in cells’ membranes, of the brain and the cognitive functions. Moreover, these essential acids are vital for keeping a healthy myelin layer of the nervous cells.

Also, researchers have many times stated that children having a varied diet including essential fats have a significant advantage in comparison with children who have a healthy, traditional diet. This oil, being included into the pregnant mother’s diet, will definitely have a lot to say in the early development of the baby to be, as the little one gets all the hemp oil’s nutrients directly from the mother’s milk.

As a fact, through several studies, it has been revealed that babies coming from mothers who have included hemp oil into their pregnant period diet have an increased level of omega 3 fatty acid within their blood and they also got to develop faster within the first six months. In comparison, babies coming from mothers who did not have hemp oil within their diets were noticed to be with 2 months behind, in what development is concerned.

Moreover, at the age of 2 years, children with omega 3 acids within their blood had an advanced level of focusing capacity, in comparison with those born from mothers with a low level of fatty acids in their blood.

So be wise, future mommy, and learn more about hemp oil, you might find a perfect health ally in it.