Oct 18, 2017
Foods That Beat Anxiety

Anxiety is a dangerous and wide-spread medical condition which can lead to other severe complications if it is left untreated and it has some specific symptoms like restlessness, worrying all the time, poor quality night sleep and other similar medical signs.

Eating is an action which can calm yourself and release all the pressure and worries about money, family, school or world’s conflicts, but there are also some natural and healthy super-foods that will help you to relaxation mood and regain your inner peace and your special body-mind communication, preventing many diseases and illnesses.

However, you should consider that eating many fast food aliments which contain great amounts of carbohydrates, fats and sugar is not the answer to your anxiety problem and can make it worse than it already is, so check out these aliments from different vegetable or spice sources which can improve your overall mood and inner feeling:

  1. Grain super-foods. It seems that all types of grain foods can release anxiety without other medication because they are rich in nutrient substances like magnesium which releases anxiety. Studies revealed that magnesium deficiency inside your organism could lead to anxiety episodes and the best source to benefit from the strong curative properties of magnesium is represented by organic whole-grain foods. Whole grains also contain an active compound named tryptophan, which is turned into serotonin, a unique neurotransmitter that can calm your brain and reduce anxiety levels. The whole grains foods contain good quality fibers, and they can provide a satiety sensation for a more extended period and healthy energy levels, without craving episodes or fatigue which can lead eventually to anxiety.
  2. Chamomile. This particular plant has been used for ages for its curative calming effects and treatment against anxiety and depression. Chamomile contains some calming ingredients that can provide the same health benefits for your mind and body similar to the effects of Valium, which is a strong calming medicine. Just drink a cup of chamomile tea if you feel restlessness or having trouble with your night sleep. Several late studies revealed that chamomile-rich supplements could treat some anxiety disorders in patients suffering from this kind of medical conditions, providing the best results in calming and relaxing the brain.
  3. Eat asparagus. Anxiety and depression episodes were also linked to the deficiency of folic acid from your body, so to solve this problem, you must eat asparagus, which is rich in this essential nutrient. This green vegetable is versatile and tasty, and you can consume it in many forms and delicious recipes, like in a healthy omelet or as a garnish for fish or other types of meat. You can also add asparagus to salads or consume it as a snack after steamed at your own home, this way avoiding eating unhealthy snacks between your daily main meals.