Oct 10, 2017
Women and Cannabis: Benefits and Side Effects

Either for pleasurable activities or medical reasons, the cannabis plant has started to gain more and more interest from women’s part. Could this be due to the attention that this pant has caught in the past few years or is it just a new marketing “tool” some entrepreneurs are turning to these days just to earn some more money out of products consisting of this plant’s compounds? We cannot tell for sure, but what we can tell you as an accurate fact is that there are several benefits that the cannabis consumption can bring along for a woman’s intimate parts.

There is no need to hide any of the aspects regarding this matter because women all over the world deserve to know the great effects they can get after choosing cannabis as part of their daily lives. So it is about learning what it can do for you, dear woman and just wisely select what you want this plant to bring you.

Do not go for everything you hear or read

Many marketing strategies are going on these days because there are so many subjects on which people have the opportunity to talk about. So a whole controversy can start just from a false rumor that has been spread. Therefore, everybody needs to wisely choose the information which can be relevant regarding making an opinion.

When talking about omen, things become even more intriguing because, in comparison to men, they need comfort and clear arguments which can completely help them understand that their health issues are nothing to worry about. We are talking about issues within the genital area, a matter quite taboo for most women, this being the main reason due to which most of the female beings choose not to go to a doctor and find out what their actual issue is. So they prefer to just sit on the couch and read about their “solution” online, where everybody seems to be experts nowadays.

This is so wrong, on so many levels, but who am I to judge? We have all been there, but it is most important to fully understand when this whole online health research needs to end. For instance, about our matter, I read a couple of weeks ago, online, that consuming cannabis is not only damaging to your health, but it can significantly affect the natural and healthy environment of your vagina.

This quite intrigued me, and so I decided to make my research on this matter. It was not a surprise at all for me to discover that nothing written in those articles is true. We have at our disposal so many information related to the way the cannabis plant react with every area of the human body, that it would be a title shame to believe the first judging article he read on the Internet.

Make your research and then make a statement

This is valid for any matter regarding life. We need to back up everything we say in this life because talking just for the sake of talking will not get you anywhere. Therefore saying that consuming cannabis can damage your vagina’s moisture, without bringing any proof on the matter whatsoever, is wrong and it needs to stop happening. So many women are very easily manipulated, and such wrong information can definitely harm.
One of the things that some people believe is that the fact that cannabis negatively influences your vagina moisture has a lot to do with the fact that marijuana consumption frequently leads to that dry mouth sensation. So if the mouth gets dry, why shouldn’t the vagina deal with the same reaction?

It is entirely true that high THC amounts administered to the body can have individual such responses, like giving you the feeling that you need to drink more and more liquids. However, this has nothing to do with the fact that also your vaginal parts can become dry. Your oral environment is dependent on the salivary glands which have nothing in common with the lubrication level of your vagina.

Cannabis compounds can significantly help women in their “intimacy.”

It is no rocket science to understand how marijuana works within the human body, because we have at our disposal, these days, so many scientific studies to show exactly what this plant can do for us, women. The endocannabinoid system, this amazing gift that each human body was offered, is quite an interesting subject which many researchers are still analyzing, as it is considered to have a great potential in what people’s health is all about.

In fact, some studies have wrapped their conclusions on the idea that the whole process through which the endocannabinoid system works within the human body can have a lot to say in what the healthy and normal genital environment in women is concerned. As proof, anybody can find numerous testimonies of women who have successfully used cannabis towards improving the way their vaginal situation impacts their life, in general.

In 2012, a study revealed how this plant, better said the cannabinoids contained in it, can amazingly help women surpass any imbalance in their genital area. So the thing this study focused on was measuring the level of lubrication in women before and after consuming cannabis. The results were quite the ones you are already thinking of, as in after cannabinoids were administered to the body, lubrication was significantly improved. Therefore, it is entirely fair to state that consuming cannabis will not work against your vagina… on the contrary, it can greatly help it!